List of Celebrities Who Donated to Murderers, Arsonists, Thieves, Rioters, and Looters

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     Hollywood celebrities are provocateurs who pay a ransom to keep the mob at bay. The actors, directors, and producers who work in the entertainment industry are typically the most America-hating people you’ll ever encounter. The truth about the rapists, pedophiles, and abusers who produce the trash you see on your television and electronic devices have once again shown how much they hate normal, decent, patriotic, hard-working Americans by donating $235 million and counting to the terrorists who burned and ransacked countless cities.

     The message Hollywood sent the people who had their homes burned to the ground, their businesses destroyed, and their neighborhoods reduced to rubble is that they don’t care; they prefer murderers, arsonists, thieves, rioters, and looters. The following is a list of the celebrities who sat in their mansions inside gated communities who said, “F*ck yeah, I like chaos and destruction, burn it down!”

Netflix, Now Obama Network, CEO Reed Hastings — Historically black colleges, black education funds — $120 million

Michael Jordan / Jordan Brand — various social justice organizations — $100 million

J. J. Abrams and Bad Robot — Black Lives Matter (Terrorists) and other racial justice organizations — $10 million

Jennifer Aniston — Color of Change and other organizations (Race Pimps)— $1 million. Aniston has also shared a video of anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan babbling about racism.  

K-pop group BTS — Black Lives Matter (Useful Idiots) — $1 million

John Cena — Black Lives Matter (Soros Puppets)— $1 million. Anabolic steroids are eating away his brain matter.

Director Jordan Peele  (Race Pimp) — Black Lives Matter (Con Artists) and other organizations — $1 million

Rapper The Weeknd — Black Lives Matter (Thugs), National Bailout,  Know Your Rights Camp — $500,000

Angelina Jolie —  NAACP Legal Defense Fund (Race Hustlers)  — $200,000

Model Chrissy Teigen and Singer John Legend — various bail funds — $200,000. Teigen and Legend want to make sure the murderers, arsonists, and looters get out of jail quickly.

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively —  NAACP Legal Defense Fund — $200,000. After their fellow “actors” send money for the criminals to get out of jail, the race hustlers at the NAACP will make sure the street thugs get legal representation.

Fall Out Boy — Black Lives Matter (Race Peddlers)— $100,000

Cast of Brooklyn-Nine-Nine — National Bail Fund Network — $100,000

Singer Drake — National Bail Out Fund  — $100,000. Anal fissure wants to ensure the people who burned down small businesses get out of jail.

Rapper Megan Thee Stallion — Restoring Justice  — $10,225.26. How about justice for the people who were murdered by the members of Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and the common street thugs?

Rapper G-Eazy –People’s Breakfast Oakland — $2,000. Free pancakes before you go out and loot.

Actress-singer Janelle Monae —  Minnesota Freedom Fund  — $1,000

Steve Carell — Minnesota Freedom Fund — $1000

Seth Rogen — various bail funds — more than $1,000

Singer Kali Uchis — Minnesota Freedom Fund — $1,000

Actor Don Cheadle — Minnesota Freedom Fund — $1,000

Singer Kehlani — Minnesota Freedom Fund — $1,000

Filmmakers Josh and Benny Safdie — Minnesota Freedom Fund — $1,000

Comedian Patton Oswalt — Minnesota Freedom Fund — $1,000

Comedian Nick Kroll — Minnesota Freedom Fund — $1,000

Singer Noname — Minnesota Freedom Fund — $1,000

Actress Cynthia Nixon — Minnesota Freedom Fund  — $1,000

Comedian Pete Holmes — Minnesota Freedom Fund  — $1,000

Actress Jameela Jamil — Minnesota Freedom Fund  — $1,000

Actor Ben Schwartz — Minnesota Freedom Fund  — $1,000

Leonardo DiCaprio — Color for Change, NAACP, Fair Fight Action, Equal Justice Initiative — Undisclosed amount

Taylor Swift — NAACP Legal Fund — Undisclosed amount

Singer Halsey — various bail funds — Undisclosed amount

Singer Rihanna — Color Of Change and Movement For Black Lives — Undisclosed amount

Singer Lady Gaga — Black Lives Matter, NAACP Legal Defense Fund, Color of Change, and more — Undisclosed amount

Singer Harry Styles — various bail funds — Undisclosed amount

Comedian Rob Delaney — Minnesota Freedom Fund — Undisclosed amount

Justin Timberlake — Minnesota Freedom Fund — Undisclosed amount

Ellen DeGeneres — NAACP Legal Defense Fund, Black Lives Matter, ACLU — Undisclosed amount

Anna Kendrick — multiple organizations — Undisclosed amount

Chris Evans — Black Lives Matter — Undisclosed Amount

A lot of celebrities donated to the Minnesota Freedom Fund; the organization is linked to George Soros and Antifa and some claim is solely responsible for planting the idea of dissolving police departments into the stunted, collective brain of Black Lives Matter “protesters.”

     Celebrities want to bail anarchists and race pimps out of jail and dissolve police departments so you’ll be left to fend for yourself. Celebrities will still enjoy the security provided by their bodyguards and heavily fortified, gated neighborhoods, but you’ll have to survive on your own. 

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