Homeland Security Can Only Afford to Deport 400,000 Aliens Annually

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     The Obama administration is responsible for intentionally exacerbating America’s illegal immigration problem. The willful failure by the Obama administration to secure America’s southern border and deport illegal aliens has turned America into a very dangerous place. What is the Obama administration’s, specifically the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), response to criticism regarding its lack of success at completing its critical operational missions? The Obama administration claims that due to a lack of funds, it can only afford to deport 400,000 aliens annually.

     The DHS was created as part of the Homeland Security Act passed by Congress in November 2002. The DHS is a fed gov department that has the usual characteristics of bureaucracy; it is a big, bloated administration that wastes the tax dollars of hard-working Americans.

Alien Deportations

     There are 240,000 people working for the DHS. The greater majority of the 240,000 DHS employees are bureaucrats working in Washington, D.C. The DHS occupies 50 separate locations and 9 million square feet of office space in D.C. The DHS is massive and expensive, but not because it is committed to border security and immigration enforcement.

     The DHS has spent approximately $844 billion since its inception, yet there are still 12 to 15 million illegal immigrants living in the U.S. and increasing every day. According to the Director of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), Sarah Saldana, the Obama administration directs $6.5 billion to ICE, and it is not enough money to deport illegal immigrants. This excuse has been parroted by Obama and his lickspittles since he took office.

     The former director of ICE, John Morton, issued a memorandum on March 2, 2011, in which he claimed the department had to limit its efforts to deport aliens due to a lack of funds. Morton claimed in his memorandum that ICE has enough funds to deport only 400,000 aliens. The lack of funds and 400,000 number also appears in a memorandum opinion written by the Department of Justice’s Office of Legal Counsel in November 2014. The Obama drones wrote,  “DHS has explained that although there are approximately 11.3 million undocumented aliens in the country, it has the resources to remove fewer than 400,000 such aliens each year.” That’s their story, and they’re sticking to it.

     The following is the FY budgets (in billions) for the DHS from 2001 through 2015

  • 2001 – 16.0
  • 2002 – 32.9
  • 2003 – 42.4
  • 2004 – 40.8
  • 2005 – 54.4
  • 2006 – 57.1
  • 2007 – 59.8
  • 2008 – 65.1
  • 2009 – 73.8
  • 2010 – 70.7
  • 2011 – 67.0
  • 2012 – 68.0
  • 2013 – 68.9
  • 2014 – 62.0
  • 2015 – 65.0

The average dollar amount spent each fiscal year on security, enforcement, and investigation is $6.6 billion. The rest of the DHS budget is designated for crucial national security concerns, right?

     The DHS waste billions of federal tax dollars each year, yet complains that it doesn’t have enough money to enforce America’s immigration laws. The Obama administration doesn’t consider immigration enforcement a priority. The following is a list of DHS projects and programs the Obama administration does consider imperative to homeland security:

  • FY2012 – Awarded a $54 million contract. “Energy Savings Performance Contract, which finances infrastructure for energy savings improvements.” Energy conservation is more important than national security.
  • FY2012 – Improved Firefighting Structure Gloves – “Delivered a prototype of an improved structure glove to prevent burns and other injuries to firefighters while improving dexterity. DHS is working with partners to develop a new type of fabric that meets National Fire Protection Administration standards for safety and heat resistance.” The budget brief does not provide a dollar amount for this project. Are firefighter gloves a matter of national security? Is it possible that without federal regulations and government grants to develop  firefighter gloves, firefighters would fight fires in mittens or dishwashing gloves?
  • FY2014 – “Provided $84 million in individual assistance services to 160,161 applicants, including housing, crisis counseling, legal services, disaster case management, and unemployment assistance.” Why is the DHS providing counseling, welfare, and unemployment checks? Can this money be redirected for deporting aliens?
  • FY2016 – “Awarded nearly $10 million in grants to 40 organizations from 24 states and the District of Columbia to support citizenship preparation services for an additional 32,000 permanent residents over a 2-year period.” The administration prefers redistributing taxpayer money to “organizations” (radical leftist organizations like La Raza and LULAC) that will use the money to assist future Democrat voters on transitioning from illegal immigrants (criminals) to citizens. The odds are very high that the “preparation services” include cash payments to the new “Americans.” Votes are more important than the security of the American people.
  • FY2014 – “Effectively trained 58,666 law enforcement personnel, including 5,897 state and local law enforcement officers, and 851 international law enforcement personnel.” How much did this cost? Why is the federal government training state, local, and international law enforcement officers?

     The following is a list of grants the DHS, via FEMA, awarded in FY2012:

  • 56 state homeland security grants – $294 million
  • 22 urban areas security initiative grants – $490.4 million
  • 20 operations Stone Garden grants – $46.6 million
  • 20 urban areas security initiative non-profit security grants to states – $10 million
  • 58 emergency management performance grants – $339 million
  • 205 port security grants – $97.5 million
  • 26 transportation security grants – $87.5 million
  • 2,332 grants to fire departments – $800 million
  • 23 tribal homeland security grants – $6 million

There appears to be a lot of funds available for immigration enforcement, but the DHS prefers to redistribute tax dollars in the form of welfare checks, grants, and contracts. According to the FY2016 DHS Budget-in-Brief, “DHS has the third largest acquisition budget in the Federal Government and acquires more than $25 billion worth of goods and services annually. Current and prior OIG and Government Accountability Office reviews demonstrate that billions of taxpayer dollars and the nation’s security are vulnerable to waste.”

     The DHS is politicized by the ideologues who inhabit the White House. The Obama administration has no interest in border security and enforcing America’s immigration laws. The Obama administration prefers amnesty over deportations and open borders over national security. The negligence of the Obama administration to secure our southern border and enforce immigration laws and the train of financial abuses by the DHS are pathetic and warrant immediate, corrective action by Congress. Congress should order the DHS to terminate various projects and programs, significantly reduce its bureaucratic staff in D.C. and use all of its yearly budgets on homeland security.

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