New ‘Woke’ School Curriculum “Deep Equity” Deeply Racist and Divisive

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     A for-profit “educational” company called Corwin is selling racist propaganda to school districts across America. Social justice warriors at Corwin’s headquarters in Thousand Oaks, California, created a curriculum titled Deep Equity to teach students of color that any problems they have in school are the result of the actions of their white oppressors. What does the curriculum suggest teachers do to help students of color learn reading, writing, and arithmetic, nothing. Deep Equity ignores education altogether and advises teachers that racism is the reason their non-white students cannot read, write, add, subtract, et cetera.

     Corwin describes its curriculum as “a teacher training program that is aimed at producing real school improvements for equity and social justice.” Corwin’s program addresses “the dynamics of privilege and power” and pledges that Deep Equity “confronts” the white oppressors “to impact real change.” 

     Tucker Carlson was the first person to expose Deep Equity, and he revealed the following materials from Deep Equity that directly deal with the “systemic racism” foisted upon black and brown people by white people. Carlson sums up Deep Equity as propaganda that proclaims “America is based on a hierarchy of various oppressions: Men oppress women, Christianity oppresses Islam, English oppresses Spanish, white people oppress everyone.”  Carlson points out that Deep Equity claims “differences in academic performance have nothing to do with culture or effort; they are purely the product of racism.” 

     Deep Equity is right out of the Democrat Party’s playbook because identity is everything in the program. And just like your stereotypical Democrat, the program demonizes white people and asserts that a “fundamentalist white identity” is defined by “denial, ignorance, and supremacy.” The following is Deep Equity’s summary of white identity:

White Identity Orientations

Fundamentalist White Identity

  • denial
  • ignorance
  • supremacy

All white children are white supremacists.

Integrationist White Identity

  • Awareness/Curiosity
  • Guilt
  • Paternalism/Compliance

This honky is now aware that he is evil, and is sufficiently ashamed of his skin pigmentation.

Transformationist White Identity

  • Self-reflective
  • Humility/Authenticity
  • Systemic Power Shift

This cracker was transformed into a tamed robot who hates himself and wants to give everything he has to black and brown people.

Corwin provides a roadmap to assist teachers in transforming white children into self-hating social justice warriors. The instructions below from Deep Equity is the recipe to reach “wokeness.”

White Allies Action Agenda

  1. See race.
  2. Listen to and learn from people of color.
  3. Acknowledge the reality of racism.
  4. Transcend guilt.
  5. Educate other white people.
  6. Confront racist behaviors, attitudes, and practices.
  7. Use your privilege to work for racial and social justice.

Deep Equity is an education in America today, and if you disagree with the curriculum, according to Corwin, you are yourself entrenching oppression, and you’re part of the problem. 

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