The Left Cherry Picks the El Paso Shooter’s Manifesto

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     It is evil to politicize the deaths of innocent people, but there are people in America who leap at the chance to cheapen the lives of the deceased. Per usual, the Left pulled out gun control after a young man murdered people at a Wal Mart in El Paso, Texas, but the parasites who suffer from empathy deficit disorder also honed in on the shooter’s manifesto. 

     The mainstream media thought they found some political meat in the shooter’s manifesto that they could use to demonize President Trump and use to fundraise for Democrats. The talking heads on CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, and CBS read the first couple of sentences of the manifesto and proclaimed, “Here’s our Trump-supporting, racist, white man, we can use him to take down Trump!” The shooter wrote, “This attack is a response to the Hispanic invasion of Texas. They are the instigators, not me.” The leftists took the invasion sentence and forged ahead. However, the shooter made it clear in his manifesto that he is not a Trump supporter or white supremacist. In fact, the shooter is not aligned with any political party and criticized Republicans and Democrats equally. It is possible he is a radical environmentalist.

     Throughout his manifesto, the gunman tells us why he abhors unchecked illegal and legal immigration, and it has nothing to do with skin pigmentation. The gunman sees overpopulation as the primary roadblock to realizing “ambitious social projects like universal healthcare and a basic universal income.” Universal healthcare and a basic universal income are not policy ideas promoted by President Trump; they are campaign promises sold by Democrats across the United States. 

     Please read the following from the gunman’s manifesto and decide for yourself if it is the words of a white supremacist, whatever that is, or the screed of a radical environmentalist:

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