The mayor of South Bend Indiana, Pete Buttigieg, is running for the Democrat Party’s nomination for President of the United States (POTUS). Buttigieg campaigns on his identity to try to energize Democrats and motivate them to cast their vote for him. Buttigieg’s record as mayor is abysmal, but that is irrelevant because he’s a homosexual created by a “god” that is foreign to Christians and Jews.

     It is not enough for Buttigieg to display his sin for votes, in the process of proclaiming himself a homosexual he asserts that God made him, a stunning proclamation from a human being that has access to God’s word. Buttigieg’s repeatedly has said that “God made me this way,” and his “marriage” to another man brings him closer to God, a god who doesn’t understand design just as Buttigieg doesn’t understand design.

     It doesn’t take a genius, just a rational human being, to recognize that a man and woman fit together naturally. As Anthony Esolen has noted, “No one has a reproductive system. Everybody has half of one. Men have this half, and women have that half. No man is made for depositing of the seed of life into a pot of hydrochloric acid or a sewer.” Buttigieg wants us to believe that God forgot His own blueprints when he made Buttigieg. Buttigieg’s progressive, personal god is too ignorant to remember his design for human beings.

     Every person sins, and the key to avoiding a life built on sin is to recognize it and resist it. Buttigieg identifies with his sin; he has become his sin. For a person to become his sin, he or she has declared, “I am my tumor. I am my sickness. I am my sin.” When Buttigieg proclaims that “God made me this way, he is saying, “This is who I am;” he blasphemes God by claiming that God creates evil, and he has created a prison for himself.

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