Democrats like Nancy Pelosi constantly tell the American people that illegal aliens are more American than Americans and therefore must be viewed, not as illegal aliens, but as saviors whose “dreams make America more American.” According to Pelosi, “Using terminology like illegal aliens illegally entering the country is just not viewed as constructive.” Based on the Democrats’ willingness to allow people to enter the United States illegally unencumbered by federal, state, or local enforcement, Pelosi is probably opposed to any mention of a future Democrat from Guatemala’s sexual assault of a little girl.

     An illegal alien, Edgar Mendoza (29), who spends every waking minute of his life making America more American took a break from his humanitarian work to assault a 6-year-old girl sexually. Mendoza, exhausted from saving America, unlawfully entered a home in Trenton, New Jersey to gain access to the bedroom of a girl who was sleeping in her bed. According to a police report, Mendoza  “molested a 6-year-old girl in her bedroom and escaped from the second-floor window after the child’s father found him in bed with the victim. After Mendoza jumped out of the window about 1:30 a.m., the father called the police and provided a description of the pedophile.” Pelosi request that the Trenton Police Department, the parents of the victim, and the victim refrain from reporting Mendoza’s crimes because it is not constructive. 

     Although Trenton is a sanctuary city, Mendoza’s heinous act was not ignored by some police officers, members of a grand jury, and a judge. Detectives from the Trenton Police Street Crimes Unit found Mendoza, and on December 15, 2017, a grand jury handed up an indictment charging him with first-degree aggravated sexual assault, first-degree sexual assault during a burglary, second-degree sexual assault, second-degree burglary, and third-degree endangering the welfare of a child through sexual conduct. Mendoza agreed to a plea deal that required him to plead guilty to one count of second-degree sexual assault on a child victim under 13 and one count of second -degree burglary. After Mendoza’s plea bargain was finalized, Mercer County Superior Court Judge Anthony Massis sentenced him to twelve (12) years in prison. It appears that justice has been served, not so fast.

     Mendoza’s incarceration is good for him and for the parents of a little girl who are faced with a long, difficult road that is riddled with psychological trauma and heartbreak. However, the abhorrent actions of Mendoza could have been avoided thereby saving a little girl from a lifetime of pain, if America’s political class were willing to put America and the American people first instead of their corporate donors.

     For decades, Americans have suffered because of politicians who sold themselves to the highest corporate bidders in exchange for open borders and lawlessness. Politicians are accomplices in the sexual assault of a little girl in New Jersey due to their willful negligence. Mendoza gets punished. A little girl and her parents get punished. Unfortunately, the politicians who refuse to secure America’s borders and enforce U.S. immigration laws regularly evade punishment for the murders, rapes, unemployment, et cetera they impose on Americans, and this time is no different. 

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