Have you seen Tide’s commercial about Tide Pods that resembles a public service announcement (PSA)? The ad (see below) shows a toddler stepping onto a stool and reaching for a Tide Pod before his mother grabs the laundry detergent away from the pre-schooler. Unfortunately, the PSA doesn’t provide an accurate picture of who is eating Tide Pods.

     Toddlers are not eating Tide Pods; adolescents are eating Tide Pods, you know, teenagers who should be able to distinguish between candy and laundry detergent and should understand that the sole purpose of laundry detergent is to clean clothes. Why do you suppose Tide felt compelled to create a commercial that doesn’t equate with reality? Is it possible Tide wanted to protect the youngsters from ridicule? Maybe a commercial where a teenager walks into a laundry room and munches down on a Tide Pod is too unbelievable to air on television? 

     A realistic commercial would look something like this.

  • High school kid walks into his house after a long day of being dumbed down by his leftist teachers.

  • He puts his backpack on the couch and heads to the kitchen for a snack.
  • He doesn’t find anything in the kitchen that he craves, so he heads to the laundry room.
  • He walks into the laundry room and grabs a container of Tide Pods off the shelf above the washer and dryer.
  • He throws a Tide Pod in his mouth and bites down. 
  • He is still hungry after eating a Tide Pod, so he heads to the attic for some cotton candy.
  • He is thirsty, so he goes into his garage and drains a cup of chocolate drink from his mother’s car to wash down his after-school snacks, then he leaves to attend a CNN town hall meeting on gun control. (It is bizarre that the Left wants us to listen to kids who eat laundry detergent packs when they talk about confiscating firearms from law-abiding citizens.) 

Tide should produce a commercial that is an accurate representation of who is eating their products; maybe it would embarrass the guilty and shame their detached parents. 

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