The poll results for the GOP runoff for the Senate seat vacated by Attorney General Jeff Sessions consistently show that Roy Moore has a sizeable lead over the establishment candidate, Luther Strange, and the Republican establishment is desperate to turn the tide. The Republican establishment is so desperate to keep Luther Strange in the U.S. Senate, they have resorted to creating attack ads to smear Moore and dupe Alabama voters. 


Judge Roy Moore

     Last week, Breitbart News and PolitiFact exposed the Mitch McConnell affiliated Senate Leadership Fund (SLF) for deceptively editing videos from two separate events Moore attended to give off the appearance that Moore doesn’t support President Trump’s plan for a border wall. Moore supported Trump’s plan for a border wall when he proposed it while campaigning for the GOP nomination and he still supports a border wall, a fact the Republican establishment hopes it can create confusion around to deceive Alabamians. Fortunately, there are people in Alabama who know the truth; one such person is Becky Gerritson, the president of the Wetumpka Tea Party in Wetumpka, Alabama. 

     Gerritson told Breitbart News that she is well aware of the unethical tactics the GOP establishment is using to try and influence voters to support their candidate. Gerritson told Breitbart,

“The Swamp’s fervor continues to bubble up in Alabama. Mitch McConnell and the Senate Leadership Fund have released a new ad for their ‘chosen one,’ Luther Strange. Rather than focusing on the positive qualities of their candidate they, once again, have resorted to using their opponent’s words out of context to create a lie. This is the Swamp’s modus operandi and Luther Strange is perfectly fine with it.”

Gerritson is agitated because the SLF crafted an attack ad using words Moore uttered during the Wetumpka Tea Party’s Senate Candidate Forum. During Gerritson’s conversation with Breitbart News, she stated, 

“Never once did Judge Roy Moore state directly or even allude to not wanting to secure the borders. In their attack ad they use one line that Moore said at our event, ‘I don’t think it would take a wall.’ However, it was taken out of context. In his complete answer, he states two times that he supports a border wall and he also expounds on other ways to prevent illegal aliens from entering our country unlawfully. It’s obvious that neither the SLF nor Sen. Strange cares about the truth. Luther is losing in the polls so the DC Swamp has nothing left to do but create lies and fear in order to try to turn voters to their side. Well, guess what Mitch and Luther…we’re not buying it!”

Gerritson sounds the alarm for all Alabamians that the Swamp is meddling in Alabama’s election to choose a Republican nominee and it is imperative that the truth prevails. 

   Strange is a flawed candidate that cannot win the nomination by running an honest campaign, so his masters have to use dirty tricks to secure the nomination for him. There is nothing impressive or redeeming about Strange unless you are impressed that in a matter of months he firmly planted his lips on McConnell’s backside and convinced him to spend millions on attack ads to smear Roy Moore.


Luther Strange

     Alabamians must ignore the attack ads and President Trump’s foolish decision to endorse Strange. The only explanation for Trump’s endorsement is that he thinks he can curry favor with the Republican establishment to pass his agenda; it will never happen. Trump and his administration should properly vet a candidate before providing an endorsement because Trump’s endorsement of Strange is antithetical to the president’s agenda. 

     The good people of the State of Alabama deserve better than Luther Strange. There is a reason the establishment supports Strange in words and money. The beleaguered, very unpopular McConnell doesn’t funnel millions to just anybody, you have to show you are loyal to the establishment before you get to enjoy the fruits of the corrupt system McConnell helped to create; Strange is, of course, in the club. Moore is a much better option for the people of Alabama and the Trump administration; he sees the swamp, and he wants to drain it. 

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