The City of New Orleans (NOLA) continues to burn while its mayor, Mitch Landrieu, fiddles with his progressive agenda. Landrieu is committed to a radical, leftist agenda dreamt up by the coastal “elites” that is meaningless to the people of NOLA, but he assures the residents of NOLA that his agenda is going to usher in utopia.


     A few months ago, the City of New Orleans removed all Confederate monuments and Landrieu declared that the removal of the monuments would extinguish crime and poverty. Unfortunately, Landrieu’s focus on something so superficial as inanimate objects proved useless against real problems that demand real solutions. Hold up! Landrieu’s progressive policies are so brilliant that they are hard to explain, but soon the people of NOLA will reap the benefits of his superior intellect. Granted, NOLA is on pace to set new records for murders, shootings, and rapes, but it’s only a matter of time before Landrieu’s ideas pay heavenly dividends to the people of NOLA.

     The removal of the statues of Generals Robert E. Lee and Pierre Gustave Toutant Beauregard has had the opposite effect of what Landrieu promised it would have on NOLA. The following are sobering facts about NOLA’s violent crime through the first six months of 2017:

  • 365 people murdered or wounded in shootings.
  • Average of two shootings per day.
  • 64 hours is the longest stretch of time without a shooting.
  • NOLA tops Chicago and Baltimore in the rate of shooting incidents per 100k people.

Shootings in NOLA have increased every month since Landrieu expelled the Confederate monuments from NOLA; so much for progress. Maybe the mayor and his fellow Democrats on the city council forgot to remove a statue?

     Progressives like Landrieu do not concern themselves with the outcomes of their policies, so the fact that the removal of all Confederate figures and symbols did nothing to unify the people of NOLA is irrelevant. Murders and shootings are up fifty-percent from this time last year. In June alone, fourteen people were killed, and forty-nine were wounded. What has been the response from Landrieu and the rest of the Democrats who govern the city; NOLA must recycle and reduce carbon emissions. Yes, of course, global warming is responsible for the violence that plagues NOLA.

     A couple of days ago, the mayor and the NOLA city council introduced a strategic plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by fifty percent by the year 2030. The plan contains a “comprehensive recycling initiative” and encourages alternative forms of transportation such as walking and biking; these guys are good. Landrieu said during the press conference held to unveil the climate plan that the city faces a “triple threat” from climate change because it is experiencing subsidence, coastal erosion, and rising sea levels. Is it possible that recycling plastics, walking, and bicycling are the solutions to all of the problems mentioned above?  

     The people of NOLA are experiencing a triple threat from murders, rapes, and robberies, but Landrieu and his fellow Democrats solved these problems when they had all Confederate monuments removed; they’ve moved on. To the shooting victims of NOLA Landrieu has a message for you, “Recycle your papers and plastics, and use alternative forms of transportation like your feet or a bicycle.”

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