Obamacare is at death’s door; let it die, and let Democrats sign the death certificate. If Obamacare were a hospital patient it would be lying in a bed in an intensive care unit (ICU) unable to breathe on its own or feed itself. Democrats are like family members sitting in the hospital room unwilling to accept the impending death of their loved one. Republicans need to stay out of the hospital room but remain on the ICU floor, so they will be ready to dance around the lifeless body of Obamacare when it dies.


     Republicans need to stop their effort to repeal and replace Obamacare because if such an endeavor succeeds, they will assume ownership of another failed attempt by politicians to deliver utopian health care. The health care industry is not a petri dish that exists for politicians and bureaucrats to experiment at their leisure. What part of the United States Constitution can one find delineated powers related to health care? The federal government does not have the constitutional power to create health insurance plans, set prices for those plans, then order private health insurance companies to sell the plans. It doesn’t matter if the “health care” plan is devised by Democrats or Republicans, it is unlawful and should be rejected by Americans who prefer liberty over tyranny.

     Republicans, once again, have been lured into a game of my program is better than your program. Republicans should never have introduced the American Health Care Act (AHCA) because all it did was give Democrats and their comrades in the mainstream media the opportunity to pick it apart. Republicans have to quit this game of my health care program is better than your health care program and repeal Obamacare without replacing it with another government program that continues the federal government’s death grip on the health care industry.

     The cover page of the AHCA reads: “Our Time is Now. The American Health Care Act is the boldest and most conservative health care legislation to come before Congress in decades.” By “our time is now” the Republican establishment means it is their turn to present a health care bill that perpetuates the myth that the federal government has the knowledge, expertise, and authority to craft medical insurance plans. What is conservative about any legislation that co-opts an entire industry and forces companies and consumers to abide by rules and regulations promulgated by politicians and bureaucrats who have proclaimed themselves experts? The AHCA is nothing more than the Republicans’ attempt to show the Democrats that they can come up with a health care program too; “My program is better than your program!”

     Although the Republican establishment rejects conservative principles such as free enterprise surely they can see that it is politically advantageous to ignore the urge to engage in a game of my program is better than your program when it comes to Obamacare. Obamacare’s death is imminent, so Republicans should do nothing but sit back and wait to preside over the funeral.

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