Democrats are so desperate to blame Hillary Clinton’s election defeat on someone or something other than themselves that they have created a boogeyman to distract from Clinton’s spectacular failure and delegitimize the Trump presidency. Watching and listening to Democrats talk of the “hacking of the election” is the equivalent of watching an episode of Finding Bigfoot or Ghost Hunters; “Did you hear that? I saw something!”



     The reality of Clinton’s defeat is too painful for Democrats to confront, so they’ve created an alternate reality where Clinton didn’t lose the election, the boogeyman stole it from her. How does one explain the Democrats’ hunt for the boogeyman that stole the election? It is obvious that Democrats refuse to take responsibility for losing the presidential election, but there is something else at work; maybe wealthy donors are demanding an explanation for spending a record amount of their money for naught?

     Clinton and her super PACs raised a total of $1.2 billion and burned through all of the money; Clinton outspent Donald Trump eight to one. Clinton spent the most money on a political campaign in the history of the United States; “Did you hear that noise?!” Clinton’s donors wrote seven-figure checks to fund her campaign and were told that her victory was imminent, so they must be demanding answers, correct?

     Donald Trump’s campaign operations were dwarfed by Clinton’s colossal operation. Clinton out-staffed Trump’s staff by five to one. Clinton enjoyed the benefit of having 964,000 volunteers as opposed to Trump’s minuscule number of volunteers. Clinton opened 422 field offices in “battleground states” compared to Trump’s 88 offices, but her advantage proved to be worthless; “My ghost meter is registering five milligauss. Who’s there?!”


The Clinton machine had 489 field offices nationwide compared to Trump’s paltry 161 offices; another tremendous advantage paid for by her wealthy donors that provided zero return on investment. Clinton enjoyed an embarrassment of riches that extended well beyond money and what money can buy a campaign.

     The Democratic National Committee (DNC) owns the mainstream media, Hollywood, academia, aka indoctrination centers, Wall Street, and newspapers, yet these facts did not translate to victory for Clinton. The Democrat Party is reeling because even though it had an astounding edge over the Trump campaign in every facet of a presidential campaign, it failed miserably and doesn’t have answers for its wealthy donors, so it has created a ruse to avoid accountability; “Look over there!”

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