The kidnapping and subsequent torture of a special needs gentleman in Chicago by four savages unfit to live among civilized human beings are Obama’s legacy. Barack Hussein Obama, the community organizer, created Brittany Covington, Tanishia Covington, Jordan Hill, and Tesfaye Cooper by his perpetual race-baiting and demonizing of those who do not share his political ideology. Why do you suppose the four savages live-streamed their evil acts on Facebook? Do you think they wanted Donald Trump and white people to see that they mean business? Is it possible they wanted Obama, Hillary Clinton and Democrats as a whole to see and approve their work?


A Postcard from Obamaland

     Obama is a race-peddler who used the presidency to foment hate and civil discord to divide and conquer the American people. He attempted to disguise his disdain for America and white people who are not useful to the Democrat Party by remaining silent and providing fictitious leadership during crises that demanded much more. Do you recall the “protests” in Ferguson, Missouri?

     The day after Michael Brown was shot by a white police officer, rioters began their “protests” by throwing Molotov cocktails at police officers and burning down several businesses, none of which elicited a call from Obama to end the violence. Obama’s response to the shooting and rioting was to dispatch Attorney General Eric Holder to Ferguson to investigate the Ferguson Police Department; a stereotypical response from Obama.

     A few months after the initial riots in Ferguson, a grand jury declined to charge Officer Darren Wilson, which led to more looting and rioting in Ferguson. The city and its civilized residents fared much worse the second time around as the barbarians burned down twenty-five businesses, twelve civilians’ cars, two police cruisers, and injured several people in the vicinity of the mayhem, none of this motivated Obama to act presidential and demand an end to the unrest. Eventually, after three days of pandemonium, Obama urged the brutes to conduct peaceful protests; intentionally late.

     The events in Ferguson and Obama’s response is just one example of many that provide an ironclad case that Obama has used the office of the presidency as the ultimate platform to continue his work as a radical community organizer. Obama and his comrades in the Democrat Party view events such as those that took place in Missouri as an opportunity to sow the seeds of civil discord. Do you remember Trayvon Martin?

     The confrontation between a neighborhood watchman, George Zimmerman, and Trayvon Martin led to numerous “protests” across America by plenty of useful idiots but, although some of the protests did turn violent, they were fairly tame. The relatively calm protests did not seem to satisfy Obama, so he decided to break his silence and attempted to incite riots by offering these loaded words, “If I had a son, he would look like Trayvon.” The community organizer wanted to capitalize on a volatile situation by motivating the protesters to transition from peaceful protests to anarchy. Fortunately, the protesters did not take Obama’s bait and conducted relatively placid, bloodless protests. Why hasn’t Obama said, “If I had a son, he would look like Tesfaye.”

     Obama’s interminable race-baiting has culminated in an act that provides proof that putting a community organizer in the White House will produce evil beyond human comprehension. Four black people in Obama’s hometown of Chicago kidnapped, gagged, and tortured a young, special needs, white gentleman to show the world that Obama’s radical agenda worked to perfection; American society is coming apart.

     The Chicago Four mixed in race and politics while torturing their victim. The perpetrators forced their prisoner to say “F*ck Donald Trump” and “F^ck white people” while they live-streamed their handy work on Facebook. Obama and the Democrats are on a mission to delegitimize Trump’s victory at the same time continuing to demonize Trump by selling their narrative that Trump and his supporters are racist; the Chicago Four got the message.

     Obama will exit the White House in a few days, but the damage he inflicted on America may last forever. He did a masterful job of dividing Americans as a means to power. The harmful effects of his race-pimping on American society can be gleaned in the actions of four diseased souls in Chicago who were obviously influenced by the rhetoric of a president who has sinister motives. Obama’s legacy is the Chicago Four.

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