Barack Hussein Obama and his administration are on a mission to fundamentally transform the world, and the primary tool they use is cultural Marxism. Why is there an epidemic of sexually transmitted diseases in the U.S.? Why is the illegitimacy rate at an astronomical level? Why have 57.5 million babies been murdered since Roe v. Wade? Why do the greater majority of marriages fail? Why is same-sex marriage “legal” in the U.S.? Why are there abortifacients? The answer to all of these questions is cultural Marxism. These base, vile, Godless aspects of American culture is what the Obama administration is hoping to export to Africa.


     Obama and his lickspittles are Marxists. Obama’s domestic and foreign policies are rooted in cultural Marxism. He is the first Marxist to serve as President of the United States (POTUS), and he takes full advantage by using your tax dollars to fund his Marxist agenda. This fact has never been more evident based on Obama’s unilateral decision to spend $700 million of your tax dollars to export homosexual propaganda to foreign countries he has deemed intolerant. The Obama administration has spent more than half of the $700 million in sub-Saharan Africa to promote homosexuality.

     The Obama administration has been very aggressive in advancing the homosexual agenda, even going so far as to create the position of senior lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender coordinator at the United States Agency for International Development (USID). The USID is the primary fed gov agency responsible for exporting homosexual propaganda as part of Obama’s nonsensical foreign policy.

     Nations in sub-Saharan Africa are haunted by the existence of the jihadist group, Islamic State’s West Africa Province (ISWAP) formerly known as Boko Haram, that seeks to transform African nations like Nigeria into Islamic states. What assistance has the Obama administration provided to the African nations fighting ISWAP? None! The Obama administration’s foreign policy as it relates to Africa is to fight for same-sex marriage, not against Islamic terrorists. More on this later.

     What has Obama’s homosexual agenda produced in Africa? In Nigeria, the most populous nation in Africa, Obama’s efforts have been met with resistance in the form of a law banning homosexuality. There was no law nor was there any proposed legislation to outlaw homosexuality before the Marxist machinations of the Obama administration, but the meddling by the Obama administration made it impossible to ignore the subculture that is being funded by American taxpayers.

     Fierce opposition to Obama’s agenda has come from various governments and private organizations in Africa that are not interested in succumbing to cultural Marxism. Africans have made it clear they will resist the cultural imperialism of the West. “We don’t try to impose our culture on anyone, and we expect that people should respect our culture in return,” said Theresa Okafor, a Nigerian active in preventing cultural suicide in Africa, in response to Obama’s homosexual propaganda. The Obama administration rejects the notion that it should cease its intrusive scheme to undermine any culture that it has deemed intolerant because it wants cultural hegemony across the globe.

     The Obama administration has tied developmental assistance for African nations to its homosexual agenda. The president of Uganda, Yoweri Museveni, signed into law a bill that outlaws homosexuality and the promotion of homosexuality. “Outsiders cannot dictate to us. This is our country. I advise friends of the West not to make this an issue because if they make it an issue the more, they will lose. If the West does not want to work with us because of homosexuals, then we have enough space to ourselves,” President Museveni said after signing the bill into law. In response to the law, the Obama administration announced that it will cut off aid to Uganda; this is Obama’s foreign policy.

     The Obama administration has cut off funds to several African nations that are unwilling to adopt the new, Western values promulgated by the Left. Bishop Emmanuel Badejo of Nigeria is someone who understands that the Left is committed to destroying any and all cultures that do not parallel the mainstream culture of the West. In an interview with Aleteia, Bishop Badejo said the following about the homosexual agenda of the West:

If the West cherishes freedom for gays and homosexual unions and abortion and contraception, suppose Africans are not wired that way. For the African, life is sacred. In the West, there is a diminishing sense of respect for the sanctity of life… And all of this is to be imposed on Africa, at whatever cost; we think that is immoral and unjust.

The bishop is talking about homosexuality and abortion, but he is also talking about Obama’s decision not to help the African nations that are fighting ISWAP.

     Obama refuses to help African nations fight ISWAP until they accept same-sex marriage, abortion, and contraception. Thus far, 13,000 Nigerians have been murdered by ISWAP. Do you recall when the mainstream media reported on the kidnapping of 276 Nigerian girls by Boko Haram (ISWAP)? Many, many more Nigerian girls have been kidnapped by ISWAP, but the kidnappings go unreported in the U.S. The only assistance the Obama administration has provided to Nigeria to fight ISWAP and hunt for the thousands of girls that have been kidnapped can be seen below.

                                                                                               Michelle obama homosexual

     Cultural Marxism is the weapon of choice for the Obama administration. Obama and his lickspittles are well aware that the best way to destroy a culture is to eradicate its God-centered religion(s), dissolve its people, replace morality with moral relativism, and demonize its history, traditions, and customs as racist, sexist, etc. in order to replace them with a government-centered culture where the government defines and bestows “human rights” upon the people. Africa rejects the idea of a secular, government-centered culture. Bishop Badejo explained the reason for its country’s refusal to sell its values for aid:

The western world claims that every kind of right is a human right, and every behavior must have the status of a human right. We say no. Not every human behavior has the status of a human right. There are human rights, and there are human behaviors. But not every human behavior has that status. The African believes this because he always starts from the higher being. God is always there and has a place in the life of an African.

Unfortunately, very few Americans understand that the fundamental, underlying principles of the U.S. Constitution are the unalienable rights human beings are endowed with by God (see Declaration of Independence).

     Progressives like Obama and organizations like the United Nations (UN) reject unalienable rights for “human rights” determined by a government of men. Africans understand that their right to life and liberty comes from God, not Obama, not the UN, or government.

     Obama is trying to take advantage of the problems, i.e., poverty, Islamic terrorism, that plague several African nations to push his agenda, but Africans are not interested in his Godless culture of death and destruction. Obama has spent $700 million of your money exporting homosexual propaganda to Africa, but evidently it is not possible to brainwash Africans.


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