Governor John Kasich of Ohio is a politician who, although he claims to be a Republican, is a progressive cut from the same Marxist cloth as Barack Hussein Obama. During his campaign for the GOP nomination, he has repeatedly tried to pass himself off as a conservative, but his record contradicts his rhetoric.

     Kasich’s record as governor is filled with progressive policies funded by federal money confiscated from taxpayers. If you want to know what Obama would do if he was a governor, you can look at Kasich. Kasich has lovingly accepted every progressive policy hatched by Obama and his lickspittles.

     Kasich has fundamentally transformed Ohio into Obama’s vision of utopia. He has willingly accepted Obamacare and Common Core, and favors amnesty for illegal immigrants. As a Republican governor, Kasich is the leader of the Republican Party in Ohio, and is in a favorable position because Republicans are the majority party in both houses of the state legislature, but he has failed to propose or support conservative legislation.

     The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). Kasich has spent a lot of time congratulating himself for expanding Medicaid in Ohio as part of Obamacare. Unfortunately, Kasich doesn’t provide any details about Ohio’s Medicaid expansion because he is drunk on your tax dollars, so details don’t matter to him. In less than two years, Ohio’s Medicaid expansion has cost federal taxpayers more than $5 billion. Kasich, being a good progressive, made the decision to allow working-age Ohioans with no children and no disabilities to enroll in Medicaid, so you can expect the price tag for Kasich’s Medicaid expansion to increase significantly.

     The reason it is Kasich’s Medicaid expansion is because he ignored the people of Ohio and their representatives and vetoed language in the state’s 2013 budget that specifically prevented him from expanding Medicaid. Kasich did not accept what the people of Ohio and his fellow Republicans in the state legislature decided on Medicaid expansion because he is as committed to big government as Barack Hussein Obama. Kasich decided he would use a different route to expand Medicaid and get his hands on more of your federal tax dollars. He maneuvered around the state legislature by appealing to the state’s Controlling Board. The board, made up of Kasich supporters, approved Kasich’s expansion of Medicaid thereby rejecting the vote of the state legislature.

     Kasich is committed to increasing the size of government in Ohio, so he didn’t let Ohioans and their representatives get in the way of progress. Kasich is delusional if he thinks his Medicaid expansion is going to appeal to conservative voters who are fed up with career politicians like Kasich robbing them to fund their ludicrous, unsustainable policies.

     Common Core. Common Core establishes national standards for public education. Currently, states are not required to adopt Common Core, but if a state does not adopt Common Core, it will see its federal funding drastically reduced as punishment for not adopting the standards. However, if a state agrees to adopt Common Core, it will receive a slice of the massive “grants” being handed out by the federal government. To no surprise, Kasich willingly accepted Common Core in exchange for more federal tax dollars.

     Kasich made Ohio an early adopter of Common Core and the ultra-progressive scheme was a disaster. Kasich has told many lies on the campaign trail in an attempt to conceal the truth about Common Core. Kasich refers to any opposition to Common Core as “hysteria.” Kasich has told numerous lies about Common Core in an attempt to defend his support of it, but his lies have been exposed. Kasich told a whopper of a lie at the National Review Institute’s Ideas Summit.

Governors themselves wrote the standards. We’ve implemented the standards. I didn’t implement them. Obama didn’t implement them, nobody did. The local school boards have adopted the standards, and now, the curriculum is being written by local school boards. I don’t know what’s wrong with that.

Like a committed progressive, Kasich has created an abstract reality and is hoping people will live in his abstract reality. Kasich is as detached from reality as Obama. Neal McCluskey, director of the libertarian Cato Institute’s Center for Educational Freedom, told The Washington Examiner, “Literally, it’s not at all true. To my knowledge, there were no actual governors involved in writing the actual standards.”

     A gentleman named Ben Gibson, vice president of the school board of Firelands Local Schools in Ohio, is on the ground dealing with Common Core, and he made it clear in a letter to Kasich that he did his research and Kasich’s statements on Common Core are “deceiving” and “simply wrong.”

As a local school board member from northern Ohio, I am writing to share some concerns I have with education and transportation. Why transportation you ask? Because, Sir, you have thrown myself and every local school board member in Ohio under the bus. I am specifically referring to statements you made during an interview on January 25th while a guest on Fox News. It is quite troubling that this ninety second interview can be packed full of so many inconsistencies and blame…While I have major concerns with the style and amount of testing, I am not completely opposed to the standards themselves. However, this was not a local grassroots, bottom up reform as you indicated. This movement was a top-down initiative and tied to federal money.

Common Core is in Ohio because Kasich wanted more federal tax dollars. Kasich saw dollar signs, so he never bothered to read the Common Core standards.

     Amnesty for illegal immigrants and more legal immigrants. Kasich favors amnesty, well, a “pathway to citizenship,” which is a euphemism for amnesty for illegal immigrants. Kasich also favors increasing the number of guest workers allowed into America. He doesn’t provide any details; he just likes the idea of more foreign workers flooding the U.S. market to compete with Americans for a meager number of available jobs.

     Kasich is a progressive who has turned the State of Ohio into a welfare recipient. Ohio’s reliance on federal tax dollars has increased every year under Kasich’s governorship. As reported by Ohio Watchdog, “After he [Kasich] was elected in 2010 as a foe of big government, Kasich increased GRF spending by 20 percent during his first term, dwarfing a net 4 percent increase in Democrat Ted Strickland’s two biennial budgets.”                                                

     Take away federal tax dollars and Ohio has a massive deficit. Ohio relies on the federal government for its survival just as Greece relies on the European Union for its survival. However, this is of no concern to Kasich because he is a progressive who thinks money is no object as long as the money is spent on progressive policies. Kasich is the Republican version of Obama. A Kasich presidency would be nothing more than a continuation of Obama’s presidency.

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