Why was the border guard so thin? Did the Romans not notice…that their way of life was changing forever? – Thomas Cahill

What does it mean that your first act on entering a country—your first act on that soil—is the breaking of that country’s laws. – Peggy Noonan

We’re changing you into a Latin country. – Gabriel Garcia Marquez, circa 1991 

     The narrative peddled by Obama and the rest of the national politicians regarding Mexican illegals is that “they do the jobs Americans are not willing to do.” The argument Americans are supposed to buy is that the millions of illegal immigrants that have crossed America’s southern border came to fill the available jobs that Americans are unwilling to take for whatever reason; the politicians don’t expound on their argument to provide us with the reason(s) Americans do not take the jobs.

    The chart below shows the percentage of illegal immigrants in several occupations. If the politicians and corporations who fictitiously claim Americans will not take the jobs illegal immigrants work are correct, the percentages in the occupations would be 100 percent or at least the greater majority of those who fill the occupations would be illegal immigrants, but nothing could be further from the truth.

 Illegal immigrants account for only a fourth of the workers in a couple of occupations.   

     Jeffrey Passel, the author of Unauthorized Migrants: Numbers and Characteristics, published by the Pew Hispanic Center, drilled down even further into the aforementioned industries to provide percentages for specific jobs. The following is a list of the jobs, with the percentage of illegal immigrants in each job:

  • drywall/ceiling tile installers – 27%
  • landscaping services – 26%
  • maids and housekeepers – 22%
  • roofers – 21%
  • animal slaughter and processing – 20%
  • building cleaning and maintenance – 17%
  • private household workers – 14%
  • accommodation industry workers – 13%
  • food manufacturing – 13%
  • construction and extraction workers – 12%
  • food preparation and service workers – 11%
     These numbers emphatically prove that native-born Americans do and will do all of the work the politicians and corporations claim they will not do. The American people are supposed to believe that entire industries will collapse without the illegal immigrants, or prices on various products would increase significantly if the illegal immigrants were deported, but neither will happen. As Mark Krikorian of the Center for Immigration Studies writes:

California tomato farmers in the 1960s testified that “the use of braceros [Mexican guest workers] is absolutely essential to the survival of the tomato industry.” But that labor program was ended anyway, and illegal immigrants did not immediately pick up the slack—so the farmers concluded that their investment in lobbying hadn’t paid off, and instead they invested in harvest machinery. The result: a quadrupling of production over the following 30 years, and a drop in the post-inflation retail price of tomato products. 

     There are no positive aspects of illegal immigration for American workers or America. Illegal immigrants take jobs from Americans and put constant, downward pressure on American wages. 


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