Obama Claims Racism is in America’s DNA

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It is irrelevant that Obama used the ‘n-word’ in his interview with Marc Maron, it is what followed the word that is pathetic. Obama said the following before and after his racial epithet:

The legacy of slavery, Jim Crow, discrimination in almost every institution of our lives cast a long shadow, and that’s still part of our DNA that’s passed on we’re not cured of it; racism we are not cured of. And it’s not just a matter of it not being polite to say n-word in public that’s not the measure of whether racism still exists it’s not just a matter of overt discrimination.

Obama claims racism is in “our DNA,” which means white people are genetically predisposed to racism, and they perpetuate their racism by passing it from generation to generation. You cannot alter DNA, so Obama is claiming that white people are hopeless racists. He goes even further by asserting that every institution is racist. What institutions? How are they racist?

          Obama also makes it clear racism still exist and the “march isn’t over.” He seems convinced that white people no longer engage in overt discrimination, but covert discrimination is a problem. How do you suppose he knows covert discrimination exists? If something is not openly displayed how would one know it exist? God sees and hears everything, but is it possible Barack Hussein Obama sees and hears everything? How would a nation stop covert discrimination? Maybe a federal thought police? I guess Obama could identify the people who are making racist remarks in private and have the thought police arrest them? When he hears you thinking in racist terms, he could dispatch the thought police to your home.
          The idea that America is a racist nation is absurd! The only reason Obama and Democrats attempt to convince black people that discrimination still exist is to keep them down. Democrats depend on the black vote, so convincing black people that white people and America’s institutions are racist is necessary to keep them tied to the Democrat Party. The best strategy for Democrats to hold onto the black vote is to keep black people in a perpetual state of victimhood.  Democrats tell black people they are victims, affirm their victimhood, sign them up for welfare, and manipulate them for the rest of their lives.

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