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Fossil Free Yale’s Global Divestment Day

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Man-made global warming is a hoax that threatens our future and the future of our children. Environmentalism is the new communism. – Vaclav Klaus

We have to ride this global warming issue.  Even if the theory of global warming is wrong, we will be doing the right thing in terms of economic and environmental policy. – Timothy Wirth, President of the United Nations Foundation


New Haven, Connecticut

     Fossil Free Yale is an organization made up of students at Yale University that is pushing for the university to divest itself of its investments in fossil fuels. The group planned the first-ever Global Divestment Day for this past Friday, February 13, 2015. The group organized an event that included “performances from student groups, guest speakers, and a collaborative art installation.” It must have been a glorious event, right? I’m sad to report, the event was cancelled due to cold weather. That’s right, the group at Yale University that hates fossil fuels because they think global warming exist and fossil fuels are causing it could not hold its scheduled events for Global Divestment Day due to cold weather.

     The high temperature in New Haven, Connecticut this past Friday was 19 degrees, the low was 1 degree. Thus far, in February, the daily high temperature on average is 9 degrees below the normal, average high temperature in February. The daily low temperature on average is 13 degrees below the normal, average temperature in February. This global warming is brutal!

Let’s hope the brutal, winter weather lets up in New Haven, so Fossil Free Yale can hold its event. There is nothing worse than having to cancel a global warming protest because it is too cold.

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